Diamond-specific Zocalo Tools

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Zocalo services and wrappers which can be used across teams at Diamond Light Source.

There are specialised versions of the services provided by Zocalo, and services which are useful at Diamond but are not central to Zocalo itself.

Much of the data analysis work at Diamond is directed by and presented to users through ISPyB. Therefore, we provide some central services which enable cooperation between the data analysis pipelines and the ISPyB database at Diamond.

The code in this repository is actively used for processing of many different experiments at Diamond. The hope is that soon it will be used across many areas of science here and perhaps elsewhere.

Please take this code inspiration for how to implement Zocalo at other facilities.


This will add several service and wrapper entry points which should appear with:


This package is maintained by a core team at Diamond Light Source.

To contribute, fork this repository and issue a pull request.

Pre-commit hooks are provided, please check code against these before submitting. Install with: